About Us

Baku Records is a music label that is not defined by a singular sound. Unlike most other labels, Baku focuses on a very diverse range of genres. As a label run by artists, we at Baku recognize the need for artists to branch out and experiment with their art. This can be difficult to accomplish when it feels like you are tied down to a specific genre due to audience expectations built on previous releases. At Baku, we strive to give artists of all styles a platform where they can see their releases flourish. Whether it be dubstep, house, wave, hardcore, DnB, or anything else, if the quality is there then there’s no reason not to display it for everyone to hear.

Aside from spotlighted artist releases, Baku Records also releases two different types of label compilations. The goal of these compilations is to concoct and develop an articulated story with thoughtful meanings behind every release. These two types of compilations are known as Scene and Act. We believe that the most captivating artistic releases are those which invoke listeners to think more in depth about the message that is being conveyed. We hope that those who listen to the releases at Baku Records are able to appreciate each and every song, seeing how everything we do is just a continuation of our story as a label.