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About Baku MultiVersus

Welcome to Baku MultiVersus, the pulsing heart of competitive play and vibrant content creation in the MultiVersus universe. Co-founded by schism and HowdyReality, our guild is not just a group – it’s a movement. United by a passion for gaming excellence, we’re a hub for pro players, influencers, and every gamer who aspires to reach the top.

Our Mission

Baku MultiVersus stands at the forefront of the gaming world, dedicated to being the premier source for all things MultiVersus. From fostering top-tier talent to guiding the next generation of players, we’re your go-to destination for game insights, strategy guides, tournament news, and exclusive content. Our mission? To dominate the leaderboards and empower our community to do the same.

A Community Forged in the Fires of a Beta

Our roots are deep in the game’s history, sprouting from the exhilarating days of the MultiVersus Beta. It’s where friendships were forged and strategies honed. Late-night duo grinds, endless debates on patch notes, and laughter-filled voice chats – these moments form the cornerstone of our guild’s spirit. As MultiVersus evolves, we evolve with it, offering a dynamic and inclusive space for veterans and newcomers alike.

Be Part of the Legacy

We’re not just building a guild; we’re crafting a legacy. Join us on this electrifying journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a content wizard, or a newcomer eager to learn, Baku MultiVersus is your arena. Together, we’ll scale new heights, dominate the competition, and have a blast doing it.

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