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Hi, I’m CrazyNoc, and I’ve been a dedicated player of MultiVersus since its open beta. As a devoted Superman main, my love for MVS knows no bounds. Currently, I’m a streamer with aspirations to step into the competitive scene in the near future.

My streams are a blend of high energy, engaging communication, and the occasional bout of rage. I’m committed to not only growing alongside my community and fellow Baku members but also to making MultiVersus an enjoyable experience for years to come.

In the flavorful mix that is Baku, consider me the spice that takes things to the next level with the fresh energy I bring. Beyond gaming, I deal with chronic illness, and both gaming and streaming are more than hobbies to me; they’re vital parts of my life. The Lord of the Rings is also, in my opinion, the best trilogy ever made.

I approach life with a light-hearted attitude and might occasionally say something a bit ‘sus’ when hanging out with friends. But that’s all part of the fun and personality I bring to the table!

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