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Hello! I’m Derek, also known as DWallLaxer. I’ve been playing MultiVersus since the closed alpha phase. I currently main Shaggy, but I am eagerly awaiting more characters. My gaming roots go deep with Super Smash Bros Melee, where I not only played for years but also organized local tournaments.

I am a content creator that likes to dip my feet into small time tournaments, as nothing beats competitive play. I provide content based around interaction and technical gameplay breakdowns. I plan on building hype and fun events for the community to watch or participate in, and to create a great community with the release of Multiversus.

If Baku MVS was a soup, I see myself as being the broth – an essential part of the soup, filling in the gaps and adding that necessary but sometimes unnoticed flavor. And just like the broth that lingers even after the soup is gone, my presence remains.

For anyone into Christopher Nolan movies or in search of thought-provoking games and films, I’m your go-to guy for deep discussions!

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