Baku Records



Hello! I’m ImNitro, a passionate gamer and music creator who’s been hooked on MultiVersus since the Twitch Drops era. As a content creator, my motto is always to put creativity and entertainment first. My streams are all about vibing and having a good time, creating an enjoyable and engaging atmosphere for everyone.

My aspirations extend beyond just playing games; I’m committed to growing the game and the scene, all while striving to become the best version of myself. If Baku were a delicious soup, I’d be the spoon—cause WE EATING (idk lol).

Music isn’t just a hobby for me; it’s my muse. Not only do I draw inspiration from it, but I also enjoy creating my own tunes. Whether I’m gaming or making music, I’m always in my element, and I love sharing these passions with the world.

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