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Yo, I’m Polarkingkai! I’ve been playing MultiVersus since Tech Test 2, maining Bugs Bunny and currently exploring Wonder Woman as my secondary. My gaming journey started with Smash on the 3DS and continued through to Ultimate. I’ve also competed in other platform fighters like Brawlhalla and Fraymakers.

Beyond gaming, I’m deeply involved in content creation. I’ve been creating anime and cartoon edits for three years, along with producing music—both beats and recorded songs. My editing skills and musical talents are central to my creative output.

I started competing in tournaments with Smash 3DS at the age of 8, just for fun, but MultiVersus has become my competitive platform where I’ve really begun to take off as a pro player. I believe viewers will enjoy my content for its cool edits and the fun I have making them.
Currently, my focus is on advancing my music and editing career. I have a keen ear for sound and an eye for quality, and I’m optimistic about my future in these fields. If Baku were a soup, I’d be the spinach lol.

A little more about me: My favorite food is pizza—classic, but always a good choice. I’m also a big fan of horror movies. In my free time, I enjoy watching anime and cartoons. I also dabble in graphic design purely for fun.

That’s a bit about me for now. Peace!

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