Baku Records



I’m schism39. I’ve been an avid player of MultiVersus since the open beta launched in August 2022. My go-to character is Jake, though I also enjoy playing as Superman and Bugs Bunny. However, once Godzilla makes an appearance in the game—that’s who I’ll be dedicating all my time to.

MultiVersus is my first fighter game. I consider myself more of a casual player, but I’m excited about participating in more tournaments soon. Alongside gaming, I stream on Twitch and manage the Baku Record Label (With Psyborg.) and Guild (With HowdyReality), which keeps me quite busy.

Looking ahead, HowdyReality and I are set on proving to the community that we are a force to be reckoned with. We’re serious about making Baku the top guild in MultiVersus. If Baku were a soup, I’d be the broth, essential for holding everything together.

In addition to my roles with Baku Records and Baku MultiVersus, I also pursue music production as a hobby. I’m working on a few long-term projects that I hope to release soon. Everything I’m involved in is part of laying the groundwork for even bigger achievements in the future. You’ll either see the vision now or get steamrolled by it later.

Guild Role


Izanagi (Owner)