Baku Records



Hey there! I’m Chaos! I’ve been immersed in the world of fighting games for over 25 years. Streaming has been my passion for about 6 years now, and MultiVersus is definitely the most fun I’ve had while streaming. I pretty much exclusively play Harley Quinn. While I don’t consider myself a pro player, I think I definitely have some of my own sauce.

My streaming style is distinctive and can get a little wild, especially when the competition heats up. But rest assured, the vibes are always positive and the music is consistently on point. This year, we’re taking the stream to the next level, so expect things to get pretty exciting!

If Baku MultiVersus were a soup, I wouldn’t just be an ingredient; I’d be the crazy-straw used to consume it, because let’s face it, spoons are f#$%ing boring. We listen to a lot of electronic dance music in the stream and always have song requests on. Also, be sure to check out my point redemptions and panels for more ways to entertain yourself (or mess with me) while I’m live!

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